Zero Energy Ready Homes Are The Future of Home Building

  • Zero Energy Ready Home program was created by the Department of Energy to encourage the advancement of healthier home construction
  • These homes last longer and function better than other new construction homes built to code
  • There are multiple features of a ZERH that make it superior to any other new construction build

Zero Energy Ready Homes Are The Future Of Home Building

What Exactly Is A Zero Energy Ready Home?

The U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) created the Zero Energy Ready Home program in 2008 to encourage and propel the advancement of home construction techniques, methodologies, building science, materials, and appliances that can significantly reduce overall energy use in homes.

But the program isn’t just about energy efficiency. The program is also about elevating homes beyond the standard code-built home for a more durable, sustainable, high-performance home, which is what BrightLeaf is all about!

Every Home Built By BrightLeaf Is Zero Energy Ready Home Certified

We make sure every custom home we build is built to Zero Energy Ready Home standards.

The “why” is because Zero Energy Ready Homes offer a superior homeowner experience. These homes live better, work better, and last longer because the Zero Energy Ready Home program requirements combine the best of building science with the latest technologies and systems, innovative building practices, and risk management solutions to offer you complete peace of mind.  This is the cornerstone of our mission of “building better”.

Below is absolutely everything you need to know about Zero Energy Ready Homes — including why you might want to consider working with a custom home builder that builds to these standards.

Every Certified Zero Energy Ready Home:

  • Provides $10,000 or more of utility bill savings over the lifetime of a mortgage
  • Works and lasts better ENERGY STAR® products throughout the home
  • Ensures quality with independent verification, testing, and diagnostics
  • Takes comfy and cozy to an entirely new level
  • Provides a better quality home that can lead to a better quality overall living experience
  • Breathes better with a comprehensive package of indoor air quality features
  • Includes the peace-of-mind that comes from complete top-to-bottom water protection
  • Is future-ready with home construction that meets and exceeds future codes

What Are Some Features In A Zero Energy Ready Home?​

  • Sustainability and minimizing environmental impact​
  • Utilizing solar to reduce dependence on the grid ​
  • Smart home features like induction cooking, EV charging, etc.​
  • Health, safety, and peace of mind​
  • Superior comfort and indoor air quality​

“A Zero Energy Ready Home represents a whole new level of home performance, with rigorous requirements that ensure outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability. — U.S. Department Of Energy

Zero Energy Ready Home Downloadable Resources

Learn more about all of the various attributes that go into every Zero Energy Ready Home which also goes into every BrightLeaf Home.

–> Healthful Environment: The average person spends over 60% of their time inside their home each day. That’s why every Zero Energy Ready Home meets the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for indoor air quality through the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program. You can look forward to a wide array of health benefits such as allergies, odors, mold, reliance on inhalers, and doctor visits. You deserve to breathe better in your home!

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Healthful Environment)

–> Comfort Plus: Every Zero Energy Ready Home includes a comprehensive package of features that deliver total comfort. That’s because they go beyond just controlling air temperature to also ensure proper air mixing, humidity levels, surface temperatures, and quiet. You can look forward to even temperatures year-round, warm floors in winter, cool and dry summers, no drafts, no window condensation, no outdoor noises, quiet equipment, and lower energy bills.

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Total Comfort)

–> Advanced Technology: A home is the largest investment of a lifetime and as such should stand the test of time. Put aside fears of obsolescence with a Zero Energy Ready Home because advanced technology innovations and building systems meet and exceed forthcoming energy codes. As a result, you’re investing in the home of the future and not the past.

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Advanced Technology)

–> Ultra-Efficient: Each Zero Energy Ready Home optimizes energy efficiency. As a result, monthly utility bill savings can easily exceed the incremental increase in the monthly mortgage. As a result, you can look forward to lower ownership cost the day you move in with utility savings adding up to $10,000 and often over $100,000 over a 30-year mortgage. What a great investment it is to go with a ZERH Custom Home!

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Ultra-Efficiency)

–> Quality Construction: Homebuyer may find it hard to discern all of the complex details, technologies, and practices not visible in a finished home. But with a Zero Energy Ready Home, homebuyers can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing their home is held to a higher standard above and beyond minimum code. This means you can look forward to living with ease of maintenance, minimal heating and cooling bills, enhanced comfort, and the great feeling waking up each day in a better-built home. Live more and worry less!

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Quality Construction)

–> Enhanced Durability: Zero Energy Ready Homes offer a wide array of durability benefits such as low maintenance, no window condensation, no ice damming, ease of cleaning, and just a better overall protected home.

(Click Here For A Downloadable To Learn More About ZEH’s Enhanced Durability) 

To go even more in-depth of the rigorous standards and testing for a home builder to be Zero Energy Home Certified, click here.

Explore A Zero Energy Ready Home Built By BrightLeaf

In this video, BrightLeaf’s CEO, Scott Sanders, walks you through an exclusive behind the scenes look at a high-performance, custom home built to third party standards of the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, Energy Star for Homes, and the EPA’s Indoor Air Plus certification program which provides for a healthier indoor environment with fewer contaminants and a better quality of life for the family that lives here. To learn more about our certifications and building standards, click here.

If you are interested in living in a high-performance home, whether its renovated or new, click here to schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts. We would love to hear more about your custom home building needs!

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