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Our unique Design-Build approach to home remodeling combines a better experience with a better-built home – expertly designed and meticulously crafted to provide you the ultimate renovation to meet your needs and lifestyle. We use the latest building science to ensure the quality and durability of matching up the existing portion of your home with the new.

Superior Quality
Energy Efficient
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Low Maintenance
Expert Design

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Engineered, Crafted, and Backed Up By Building Science
  • Utilizing advanced materials, techniques, and technology – our high performance remodels provide a superior option for the highest quality build and provide an unparalleled living experience that lasts longer, uses less energy, and nourishes those who live there
  • Enjoy peace of mind and optimize your family’s well being in a more comfortable, healthy renovation that will reduce your utility bills and impact on the environment

Next Level Project Management
  • Our convenient, project management app ensures a smooth build and provides you with 24/7 access to all of your project’s details
  • Our app tracks your budget, let’s you view your timeline, approve options & selections for your project, see status updates throughout the build, and constantly keeps you in-the-know of all aspects during your home’s renovation

Fully Integrated Design-Build Firm
  • BrightLeaf’s seamless integration of our design and construction teams allow for the optimal path to deliver your remodel’s design to exceed your expectations and achieve your vision
  • Our efficient design-build process has every resource you need in house, keeps you informed, and allows you to understand cost implications of what is going into your project in real-time.

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Remodeling Transformations: Exterior

Front (Before)

Remodeling Image Before - BrightLeaf Homes

Front (After)

Historic Remodeling & Renovation Project By BrightLeaf Homes | BrightLeafHomes.com

Back (Before)

Carpenter Back Before

Back (After)

Historic Remodeling & Renovation Project - Moon Room By BrightLeaf Homes | BrightLeafHomes.com

Front (Before)

315 Castle Exterior Before

Front (After)

315 Castle Exterior After

Design + Build = Exceeding Your Renovation Expectations

The key to a successful addition is to build a structurally sound extension that fits seamlessly with your existing house — both inside and out. The addition should feel like a natural continuation and compliment your home.

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Before + After Remodeling Transformations

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