Luxury Design Trends You Should Try

Luxury Design Trends You Should Try in 2021

  • Try any of these 6 home design trends to give your space a fresh look
  • Small or large updates can make a huge difference in your home’s design
  • Swap out furniture or try a new paint color to experience an updated interior space

Luxury Design Trends You Should Try in 2021

After the past year of remote-everything living, we’re sure you’re feeling a little uninspired by the current interiors of your home. Sure, the furniture or wall colors weren’t as noticeably blah when you were commuting to an office or spending time watching the kids’ soccer games, but now… you’re ready for a refresh.

In this article, we’re going to share a few of our favorite luxury home design trends we’re seeing in 2021, and why you should try them yourself! Whether it involves swapping out pieces of furniture or a full home renovation, there are plenty of options to give your existing home a makeover.

Custom Kitchen With Olive Green Kitchen Cabinets
Photo Courtesy of Jean Stoffer Design

1. Olive Green Kitchen Cabinets

The days of all white kitchens are quickly fading into the background of once popular home design trends. While simple and modern, all white just isn’t exciting enough for most people nowadays.

One color that’s gained popularity in home renovations and custom home building is a deep olive green, creating a warm and inviting aura when used appropriately. If all green cabinets are too much for you, we recommend going with a neutral colored lower cabinets and/or island for interest and balance in the space.

Open Floor Plans

2. (Less) Open Floor Plans

While the kitchen-family room combo still holds its own in contemporary floor plans, pretty much all of our custom homes and home renovation projects are incorporating a separate dining space.

As we slowly transition back into our social lives, we find homeowners are planning for entertainment in their future and want to dedicate a more formal space for just that. Some are more ornate than others, but however dressed up you want to get the formal dining room is a home design trend to seriously consider.

Textured Furniture
Photo courtesy of Swoon

3. Textured Furniture

Smooth, flat surfaced furniture is certainly still in – we still need to safely set a glass or plate on something that won’t cause it to tip over! However, adding your own touches of texture throughout a space is one home design trend we recommend

Adding furniture with a bit of variety and texture creates interest and depth within a room’s overall design. If you’re afraid of the texture distracting from the rest of your home’s design, try starting with a few smaller pieces like a sideboard, end table, or statement chair.

 Printed Wallpaper

4. Printed Wallpaper

This home design trend has consistently made comebacks over the years time and time again. A little goes a long way with wallpaper – a single statement wall can add just the right amount of personality and flair to a room.

There are so many options nowadays for printed wallpaper, so even if it may feel outside of your comfort zone, we still recommend searching for one that works with your style to give your home design a unique look.

Architectural Designs
Photo Courtesy of Shoot Factory

5. Architectural Details

If you’re doing a large home renovation or building custom, adding these below architectural details into the design will really elevate your home.

Crittall style doors for the shower or for an office instead of french doors will make either space feel more open and airy. The steel and glass combination can make a room feel industrial and modern without being too cold.

Arched doorways are a recent home design trend steadily increasing in popularity. If the shape doesn’t work for your doorway preference, try incorporating it into a headboard or even an asymmetrical mirror

 Comfy Textiles
Photo Courtesy of Shades of Light

Comfy Textiles

We all want our furniture to be comfortable regardless, but why not kick it up a notch with furniture that’s covered in cozy fabrics.

Give your family room and the reading chair an update with a homey and soft fabric for maximum cozy vibes.

Freshen Up with New Home Design Trends

Spending as much time at home as we have over the past year, we can all agree mixing up our furniture or swapping out tired styles can bring much needed new energy to our spaces. While you don’t need to try each of these styles, we do recommend trying at least a few of the home design trends that stand out to you.

Need help determining which of these design trends matches your personal style? Not sure how you could weave them into a large-scale home renovation? At BrightLeaf, we offer in-house design services to help make your project easy. Schedule a call with one of our Home Consultants today to explore your home options.

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