How BrightLeaf Delivers Project Management and Peace of Mind

How BrightLeaf Delivers Project Management and Peace of Mind

You’ve heard plenty of negative experiences – whether it’s from friends, family, or neighbors – about building a custom home: it takes longer than promised and you spend more than you planned for. This is a common issue for many builders who don’t prioritize their client’s timeline or budget from the beginning of the project. At BrightLeaf Homes, we understand your concerns and have implemented our own project management app to deliver you peace of mind by controlling the timeline and the budget.

No more questions about when the next phase begins, how much a light fixture costs, or an estimated move-in date. You’ll have full access to your home’s progress and running total regularly throughout the project. 

Our project management app is a portal for you to access your custom home’s selections, budget, and timeline during the project.

An Inside Look At BrightLeaf’s Project Management App

BuilderTrend is our all-in-one powerhouse project management app. Instead of managing multiple different platforms for multiple parts of your project, BuilderTrend combines them all in one place so every step of the process is clear, organized, and transparent.

This article will highlight some key features and examples of what kind of information you can see in the app, and how you can stay “in the know” throughout the process of your home being designed and built.

Managing and Making Material Selections For Your Custom Home

Are you concerned about trying to remember which tile goes in the bathroom versus the kitchen? Not only do our Interior designers find material selections and finish options for you, but they’ll also be finalized in the project management app in an organized and clear system. Broken down into room categories, you can visualize, manage, and approve your selections quickly and easily room by room.

Managing the Budget of Your Custom Built Home

In addition to understanding exactly what is going into your home, you’ll see your budget update as you approve and select your finishes, giving you clarity on your project’s cost. Did you unexpectedly save money in the living room and now want to upgrade a finish in the kitchen with the extra cash? Your running cost will tell you if your budget has the flexibility to make those changes.

Stay In The Loop with the App’s Built-In Communication

Communication is key for productivity. That’s why our project management app has built-in conversation capabilities to keep all your project communications centralized.

You can quickly message our team with questions or comments at any stage of the project, from design to construction. Want to see more fixture options for the owner’s en suite? Send your Interior Designer a message through BuilderTrend. Curious how the kitchen tile installation is going? Check out a Daily Log photo uploaded by your Project Manager through the app.

Everything related to your project can be found and managed through our superior project management app.

Monitor Your Custom Home’s Progress with Daily Logs

Once your project enters the construction phase, you’ll begin receiving daily log updates from the Jobsite, uploaded by your Project Manager through the BuilderTrend app. You’ll receive a notification once the daily log has been entered with progress photos and a summary of the work completed that day.

As your dream home comes to life, you’ll naturally want to know the status of your project regularly. From wall framing to painting, you’ll love seeing the real-time progress of your custom-built home. It will give you the confidence your project is on track and work is being done in accordance with the timeline.

How We Manage The Schedule of Your Custom Home

Our project management app has another incredible feature: the project timeline provided in the form of a dynamic Gantt chart.

Once we launch your project into BuilderTrend, the timeline is set as soon as we begin the design phase. This feature ensures our team can keep your home moving forward consistently at each phase of the project. We closely monitor the various milestones of your custom home through the Gantt chart, from completing selections to your home orientation to move in. The project schedule feature provides another benchmark for making sure your project is staying on track.

Why We Use BuilderTrend For Project Management

Poor communication is the number one cause of a poor build experience for families. BuilderTrend remains one of our clients’ favorite aspects of their experience working with us, helping maximize satisfaction throughout each project. What you get through this app is a seamless, transparent communication and management system tailored to building your perfect home.

Let’s chat about how we can make your custom home project as smooth and exciting with our Project Management app and can deliver Peace of Mind to all of our other clients’.

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