Green Sustainable Custom Homes vs. Traditional Custom Homes

According to the United States Green Building Council, their LEED for Homes program has certified 10,000 homes since it started in 2008. What once was a niche is now becoming mainstream.

By building more sustainable custom homes, many builders are now meeting their customers’ needs for energy efficiency and water-efficient homes with a healthier environment and financial benefits.

Many homebuyers want to know what makes an ecologically sustainable (green) home different from a conventional (traditional) home and what are the benefits in comparison. Green home builders like BrightLeaf pursue several methods for making ecologically sustainable homes, all of which result in high-quality homes that are every bit as sturdy and even more comfortable than a conventional home.

Incorporating More Environmentally Sustainable Building Materials, Practices, & Processes

A new home takes a lot of materials to build. Companies like BrightLeaf maximize the use of sustainable materials to decrease the impact on the environment. Reputable sustainable builders also work to minimize the amount of waste created during the construction process. For example, they usually focus on recycling as much material as possible.

Third-Party Verification

One of the most important things to look for in a green home is third-party verification.

Much like an inspector is trusted to give a third-party opinion on a home’s condition, third-party verification programs are trusted to qualify the home as truly green.

As a modern, sustainable custom home builder, BrightLeaf’s homes are designed, rigorously tested, and inspected to the highest performance standards set by these third parties – ensuring the highest quality workmanship, products, materials, and equipment to deliver unparalleled quality of construction.

All BrightLeaf homes are constructed to third-party standards demonstrating our expertise and commitment to building better from the ground up.

Using Better Insulation

Insufficient insulation means your home’s climate-controlled air doesn’t stay inside. You lose warm air in the summer and cool air in the winter, which drives your fuel usage — and your energy bills — up. Sustainable building practices concentrate on insulating a home through techniques like traditional insulation of walls and roofs, and more innovative techniques such as triple-pane windows and an insulated foundation. The end result is a home that’s far more comfortable in every season.

Substituting For Alternative Energy Choices

A sustainable home will, ideally, rely on the traditional energy grid as little as possible — most energy in the United States derives from carbon-emitting fossil fuels. Many sustainable homes generate power via solar panels or use whisper-quiet geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. In addition to letting you generate your own power, some of these technologies, such as solar panels, allow you to create more energy than you use.

Other Innovative Options

All of the above comes standard with most new eco-friendly homes, but some homebuyers tend to go the extra mile depending on their desires. If you’re interested in water conservation — and your jurisdiction is ok with it — you might choose to install a greywater system in your home to reuse some of your water. You could also consider replacing your lawn with a garden that requires little watering.

Wrap Up

Figuring out how to do incorporate more green doesn’t have to be hard. With a new eco-friendly home, you’ll save money on energy bills and have a significantly positive effect on the environment. Sustainable construction and design methods create environmentally friendly homes that, as others adopt green building best practices, we can literally build a greener world!

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