English Cottage Style Homes for the Modern Lifestyle

Some old-style homes are making back a triumphant entry in neighborhoods near you. English cottage-style homes come at the top of this list. Cozy and quaint, these exceptional abodes give enthusiasts a pastoral feeling synonymous with the historical English daydreams described by renowned playwrights such as William Shakespeare in his Stratford-upon-Avon.
Cottages are a perfect way to escape the trapping of your modern tract home or the sophistication of a cramped city apartment. They treat you to a rustic feel and bring you closer to nature than you can ever get. Yet, English-style cottages will still guarantee a modern lifestyle.
Today, we discuss all the aspects of these popular custom homes, including what they are, why they are popular, their history, the different elements involved, and why they may be a good fit for you.

What is English Cottage Style, and Why Is It So Popular?

The Tudor and English Cottage style is a very distinct one, with its steeply pitched roof that looks like it’s been scooped up from an old English cottage. Decorative half timbering common on both sides of the gable as well as in higher levels for enhanced curb appeal; this design element doesn’t just mimic what exists below but enhances them too!
Less commonly seen than other types would be parapet-style architecture which has become popular over time due to changes within architectural history–the different features give each building individuality so you know exactly where your home stands apart

Brief History of Cottage Style Homes

“Cottage” is an English architectural term that refers to a home with living spaces on the ground floor and sleeping rooms in the upper levels. The origin of cottages dates back to when farming was the nature of life for those living in the English countryside. So, the word cottage, crafted from cotter (farm worker) since cottages at that time mainly housed farmworkers, their families, and friends.
The original model had two rooms on the ground floor and two other rooms on the first floor. Besides, most people built cottages on 5-acre pieces of land.
Of course, what we had as cottages in the agricultural days is not the modern homes today. In 1870, George Devey and Norman Show developed this style from farmhouse inspirations. That was just the beginning of the re-architecting of these designs. The new structures reminiscence the traditional models but have an incredible modern touch that makes them pretty convenient.

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The Defining Elements of English Cottage Style Homes

There are elements that cottage homes will always have, regardless of what modifications custom home builders may make to their designs. These elements include:

A. Traditional Look

The construction of cottages started during the agricultural revolution. This only means that these buildings are pretty old-school. So, even as the architectural advancements of the 21st century continue to revolutionize living spaces, you cannot take away a traditional touch from cottages.

B. Asymmetrical Design

Ideally, many cottage-style homes feature an asymmetrical design. A chimney is arguably the most prominent feature both from the interior and the exterior. And to add more charm, you will also find a porch typically included in the design and building process.

C. Interior Spaces

Of course, you will never find any two identical custom-built cottages. Still, the interiors will often share a range of characteristics involving coziness and a range of other natural features. The interior cottage spaces are informal, the kitchen and dining rooms are partially united, and the dining room is not as formal and distinct as most modern areas.
Since there are never any square footages to waste, the large room always has reading nooks or a dining area to maximize its functionality. But despite the seemingly congested presentation, English cottage-style Chicago IL, or anywhere have unimaginable coziness, comfort, and ambiance.

D. Color Combination

There is something about color selection and combination that is different from other construction homes. They utilize simple but highly refined color palettes for interior and exteriors alike. You can have fun with colors as much as you deem appropriate.
Often, neutral colors are pretty common to match the countryside setting, with bright white excessively popular. Pops of yellow, pink, and blue should equally not be a surprise.

Elements that Make English Cottage Style Homes Unique and Modern

While cottages are not new and stand out as pretty old designs, various additions will make them look unique, modern, and convenient.
Let us discuss some of these elements:

A. Brick Exterior Design

Among the elements that will always stand out in cottage homes are brick exteriors. Bricks will always look effortlessly classic, can withstand the test of time, and will reliably blend with natural sceneries. Besides, flints and soft red bricks are English and bring a shabby, chick and a vintage feel to a cottage.

B. Rustic Wood Components

Another to add a historical touch to your cottage is by incorporating reclaimed wooden elements. Ideally, wooden pieces add character to floors and ceilings in an unbeatable way. However, this should not make you think that cottages are cabins. Cottages have more sophisticated elements than you will find in cabins.
Incorporating rustic wooden components goes beyond adding exposed wooden beams to side tables, beautiful furniture, and other elegant fittings. The entire concept brings unimaginable charm and personality to your home.

C. Cottage Style Windows and Doors

Adding cottage-style windows to your home gives them an irreplaceable feel. Windows such as arched kitchen beauties allow morning or evening sun to stream into your resting spaces to deliver a more refreshing feel. In the same breath, a wooden or latch door will equally make your entire setup look more English.

D. Choose Vintage Pieces

Cottage homes as they were in the English Agrarian period are unlivable today. However, the style remains nostalgic, and custom home builders have a way of making the home more modern, convenient, and livable without doing away with the vintage feel.
Adding vintage touches like reclaimed furniture, antique ceramics, and tinkers, as well as traditional lighting styles like chandeliers, is an incredible way of blending an antique touch into the present.

E. Brick chimney

Brick chimneys and cottage-style homes are inseparable. They are an authentic antique touch when it comes to adding a chimney to a house. And since cottages are synonymous with chimneys, it makes sense to use brick chimneys over ceramic or other modern materials.

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Bring the charm to your new English cottage style home with BrightLeaf Homes

If a cottage-style home is right for you, don’t worry about finding it when you can have your own custom cottage-style home built specifically for your needs. Cottages are perfect for single families and are an incredible way to escape the buzzing city life. But unlike with the rest of the styles in the real estate industry, it is nearly impossible to find a cottage that entirely meets your needs.
Still, you have an incredible chance to enjoy the charm of a cottage home with custom-built cottage-style homes. Our custom home design build team at BrightLeaf Homes have the skills and experience to incorporate your ideas and the essential elements into your dream home.
Please book an appointment with us today to find out more!

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