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Home Addition Checklist: Set Your Project Up Like An Expert

When planning a home addition project, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. After…

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Home open floor plan

What Makes Open Floor Plans So Popular?

People enjoy being in spacious, open surroundings. When there’s room to spread out and the home has a sense of…

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How to Build an Energy Efficient Home Using BrightLeaf’s Building Science

New construction means a better-built home, right? That's the assumption when it comes home building - and anything else "new"…

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modern tudor with blue painted timbers in chicago

Five Things To Know When Building A Luxury Custom Home

There is no place like home. This statement could not be truer when it comes to luxury custom homes. A…

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Why A Custom Built Home Offers More Value than Buying a Resale Property

Finding a new home is a daunting process. You search endlessly online, squeeze as many showings into your schedule as…

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white asymmetrical home with stone and black metal detailing

Why You Need to Incorporate Flex Space Into Your Home

We can all relate to the need for flexible and adaptable spaces in our homes, even after the 2020 pandemic…

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Community Spotlight: The Chicago Suburb of Western Springs

Tree-lined streets, neighborhood parks, an active downtown, convenient location, great schools - these are just the highlights of the Chicago…

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kitchen stovetop with geometric white and gold backsplash

Luxury Design Trends You Should Try in 2021

After the past year of remote-everything living, we’re sure you’re feeling a little uninspired by the current interiors of your…

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Why It Makes Sense to Fully Insulate Your Basement

We’ve fielded quite a few questions on why would it make sense to insulate foundation walls and basement slabs since…

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How to Maximize Your Design Using Your Lot

Just like any other custom home project, there are various aspects to consider before we recommend any concrete planning begins.…

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Why Is Now the Time to Build a Custom Home?

Upon meeting clients who are considering building, many of them ask “Is now a good time to build?”. Long story…

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downers grove historic home renovation, exterior renovation of a historic landmarked home, brightleaf homes historic renovation

6 Amazing Tips to Design Energy-Efficient Homes

From sustainable techniques to conscientious sourcing, homeowners are embracing the green homes trend more and more. Nowadays, it’s all about…

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Designing and Building a Downers Grove Custom Home with a View

Say hello to our latest custom built home in Downers Grove! This five bedroom, four and a half bathroom home…

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15 Questions to Answer Before Hiring an Architect

You’re considering building a custom home. You feel inspired by the idea of crafting a space that perfectly reflects your…

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What effect do the latest interest rates have on custom home building?

Home shoppers were thrilled last year when interest rates dropped to unprecedented levels below 3%. The Fed dropped rates to…

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What is ice damming and how can I prevent it in my home?

The snow, wind, and freezing temps of a Chicago winter are brutal enough, but when you add the stress and…

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The Tale of The Zero Energy Ready Home That Survived Sub-Zero Temps Without Heat

In January 2019, energy usage, uncomfortable homes, high heating bills, and broken pipes became top of mind in the wake…

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15 Most Important Questions to Ask a Builder Before You Hire Them

Finding the right builder to work with can feel as daunting as building the home itself. You want to trust…

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The Benefits Of Designing Your Home With BrightLeaf

One of the most exciting parts of custom home building is developing the design for it. Good design isn’t just…

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construction managers overseeing a jobsite during building, scaffolding on walls being built

There’s An App for That: How BrightLeaf Delivers Project Management & Peace of Mind

How BrightLeaf Delivers Project Management and Peace of Mind You’ve heard plenty of negative experiences – whether it’s from friends,…

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How a New Construction Home Can Improve Your Family’s Health

You’re planning to build a custom home in the future. You know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, the…

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What is the process of building a custom home?

Building a custom home can seem intimidating at first and you might not be sure where to start. This is…

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white modern farmhouse with black metal roof

7 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Home Build

Farmhouses are a picturesque and iconic design style in American culture that bring about feelings of wholesome comfort. However, the…

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

  Timeline is often a very important piece of planning your custom home build and is a question that we…

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What Are My Options If I Want To Build A Home?

The time has come for a major upgrade to your living situation. Maybe you want to move due to a…

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Interior Design Hacks To Create More Space In Your Home

Creative Ways To Maximize Small Space With Design There are plenty of creative ways to make the best out of…

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Creating More Open Space With Natural Lighting & Intentional Design

The images below highlighting a home in La Grange, IL showcases the welcoming feeling of an inviting open space concept…

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What Is A Typical Budget For Remodeling A Home?

You love where you live - from the location, to the neighborhood, to the nearby downtown, your current living situation…

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Zero Energy Ready Homes Are The Future Of Home Building

What Exactly Is A Zero Energy Ready Home? The U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) created the Zero Energy Ready Home program in…

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All-Electric Custom Homes: The Next Generation Of Residential Life In Illinois

Electric homes offer a world of benefits for both builders (in the way homes are built) and home buyers (in…

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Why Building Green Custom Homes Is Better

Building Green Is About Building A Home Better In Every Single Way Building green is about building a home better…

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Financial Impact On The Housing Market Is Getting Better

The Wheels Haven't Fallen Off Just Yet “Americans are spending money and time upgrading their homes so they can maximize…

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