All-Electric Custom Homes: The Next Generation Of Homebuyers In Illinois

All-Electric Custom Homes: The Next Generation Of Residential Life In Illinois

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Electric homes offer a world of benefits for both builders (in the way homes are built) and home buyers (in the higher quality of life experience within the home).

BrightLeaf is advancing sustainable building in Illinois by building more all-electric homes while harnessing the power of solar.​

Our company was built on the foundation of designing and constructing better homes that would last longer, use less energy, and nourish those who live in them through the diligent application of building science.

BrightLeaf recently participated in a pilot launched by Slipstream with the objective of recruiting Illinois builders to go all-electric while linking solar and EV offerings into an integrated, comprehensive package.​


How is building all-electric homes an advantage to homebuyers?​

  • Sustainability and minimizing environmental impact​
  • Utilizing solar to reduce dependence on the grid ​
  • Smart home features like induction cooking, EV charging, etc.​
  • Health, safety, and peace of mind​
  • Superior comfort and indoor air quality​

“An electric home with solar has the potential to generate enough renewable energy to completely offset its total annual electric use from the grid—achieving net zero status. And, with the addition of battery storage, an efficient electric home can operate independently of the grid for a period of time. — Slipstream

One of the biggest advantages of building an electric home is the opportunity to install and capitalize on solar PV. Rooftop solar can help offset the amount of electricity needed from the grid, helping homeowners take even more control of their energy costs and carbon footprint.

The projected annual energy savings is nearly $1,000 (not including savings from solar panels).¹

“Providing our clients with a well-researched and tested all-electric option will enable us to provide them with the best home in their desired location. We think our clients are really going to appreciate the ability to truly go net zero without needing to find a way to offset the part of their energy use that is still from fossil fuels. — BrightLeaf Team

Explore A Custom Built Zero Energy Ready Home With BrightLeaf's CEO

In this video, BrightLeaf’s CEO, Scott Sanders, walks you through an exclusive behind the scenes look at a high-performance, custom home built to third party standards of the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, Energy Star for Homes, and the EPA’s Indoor Air Plus certification program which provides for a healthier indoor environment with fewer contaminants and a better quality of life for the family that lives here. To learn more about our certifications and building standards, click here.

If you are interested in living in a high-performance home, whether its renovated or new, click here to schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts. We would love to hear more about your custom home building needs!